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let goOne of the hardest principles to understand on your journey is that the obstacle is the path. Our minds want to fight for something different that what actually is happening in your life. We fight for days of yesterday or pine for something different in the future yet we do not live in the present moment. No matter the challenge or difficulty in your life all of your fighting and wishing that it was different does not make it go away. Life is what it is. Let go, stop resisting and be in the moment. There is something to learn, something to gain from this experience. You are a product of your experiences both good and bad. Iron sharpens iron. Years from now you will look back at this experience and understand that it made you the person that you are. Every moment is a teaching moment and a moment to grow and expand. Trust in this lesson as all of your suffering comes from fighting this principle. Understand that life is always about the journey never the destination, that there is no where to get to. Understand that this moment right now is the most important moment that you will ever have. Each moment of now is all we will ever have. Be in it, experience it to the fullest, learn from it, and give thanks as this moment is expanding you.

Resisting only causes suffering and pain. Let go of the questions of why me, or the pointing of fingers why you life is challenging. Flow with life, be like water and flow. Growth comes from being uncomfortable and even pain. Safety is ordinary. We are not ordinary beings, we are extraordinary spiritual beings capable of anything. Those who grow the most have gone through the most difficult challenges. Put yourself on the edge, experience life and all of the ups and downs that go with it. Be in it to the fullest, experience all of it. Be present. When we understand this and understand that the obstacle is the path we can let go and be in each moment. This is how we spiritually evolve and grow. This is how we find peace in even the most difficult times.

Let go, spiritually evolve, and be love.

Thomas D. Craig