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red candleOur world is simply a reflection of how we view it and the thoughts and actions we put into it. Our experience in life mirrors our context of it. Like a poet, do we see beauty and love in every moment and interaction? Or like a child, do we feel and see wonder in everything in life? Or have we become cynical and resigned in our lives and our world mirrors back our context of it? One of the greatest spiritual lessons we can learn in this life is that we alone are accountable for our lives, that there is nowhere else to point our fingers. And if we understand that we alone are accountable, then we realize that we alone create our world. These two lessons are very hard to comprehend and own. It is much easier to push blame elsewhere for the pain in our lives. It is easier to see what is wrong than having to take ownership in having to look deeper both within ourselves and within others to find beauty and grace.

Yet, this is the mirror we live in. If you want happiness then be happy and reflect happiness everywhere in your life, not just in moments of joy but finding joy and laughter even when life is challenging. And then ultimately, finding someone to love and give happiness to. Herein lies another great spiritual lesson in that this life is not about you. You’re in this body connected to all living beings and thus another beings pain is your pain. When you give to another it is as if you are giving to yourself. If you are unhappy, and are looking for connection and love then give connection and love. In turn, you will receive connection and love. Let go of the attachments of the way life should be and be the light that you want the world to be. This is the mirror, we shine our light as a beacon for the world to see and emulate. Our light inspires and reflects far from our immediate surrounding. Human beings are thirsty for peace, joy and love. Look within and find peace, and create a context of this world that is filled with joy and love, and then give this to others unconditionally. This will light the flame in others who have been in perpetual darkness. As the light within you grows the barriers that you have been holding to love will dissipate and you will radiate as a divine being. Others will see this beacon and they will gravitate to you, they will want this energy you are giving. They will want this connection.

Be the light and reflect this brightly for all to see. Be accountable for your life, create an empowering context filled with peace and love and shine. You are light, you are divine SHINE.

Thomas D. Craig
Love. Inspire. Unite