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We’re born, and we die, turning to dust. All we leave are our footprints. Every moment in our life is a footprint. Let’s get present to the footprints we’re leaving on this journey. We love, we inspire, and we unite. Long after our physical body is gone, the echoes of our footprints remain. – Thomas D. Craig – Conquer Thyself: Change Yourself Change the World (April 2018 release date)

footprintsOur lives in this body go by in a flash of time in the universe. As human beings we churn many cycles in our mind on superficial things such as getting ahead, the car we drive, or job we have. Our mind gravitates to the ego and this physical body, yet life is not about these things. At some point, perhaps on your last breath you will understand that you cannot take things with you on your spiritual journey. At some point you will realize that life was about the experiences that you had in each present moment, that life was about each step, each footprint along your journey.

In order to live an impactful, intentional life we must create with the end in mind. We must look to the end and write our story. Perhaps you are familiar with the exercise in writing your own eulogy and imagining what people will say after you pass in this body. To create this reality we must write these words down in the life that we are creating and the accomplishments we want in this body, and then we must create actions consistent with our plan to get us to this goal. We create and start with the end to point us in the direction on our journey. Like a map, yet the map is never the territory, it is simply a direction for us to point us along our journey. Once we know where we want to go we step one step at a time. Each step is our journey and it is always in a moment of NOW. Just as stepping into a river is never the same river twice, so is life, both are always changing, always new in each step that we take. Every moment is fresh and new and an opportunity for us to live fully and present in each step of our journey.

We must get present to the end and the direction that we want to take on our spiritual evolution. We must get present that each moment is fresh and new and that each moment and interaction could be our last with the world around us. It could be our last or the living being we are present with. Life is precious and changes suddenly, it should never be taken for granted. Life is contained in these singular moments that we experience in every step. Imagine that these words, these actions that you have with the living beings around you could be the last that you have with them. If you lived in this manner, how would you act? What words would you say? Would you focus on trivial matters or would you focus on being present and being love?

Understand that our lives are a series of footprints, what tracks do you want to leave for humanity? How do you want to be remembered in every interaction that you have? Are you pulling up humanity? What is the experience that people have with you? How do you make them feel? The experiences, the footprints that you leave will be left long after you say your goodbyes, or you expire.

Brothers and sisters, get present to the moment of NOW. Get present to the footprints that you leave in life. Get present to how you make people feel when you are with them, how you impact the world around you. Remember that each moment in your life is a footprint, step wisely and with your heart filled with compassion and love.

Thomas D. Craig
Love. Inspire. Unite