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a-letter-to-donaldThis is not a political letter.

This is a letter to Donald, from one man, one father to another. I need you to hear me. I need these words to amplify so loud that the vibration echoes to all other men. I need these words to change men’s conversation of women. I need men to spiritually evolve, to walk a new path, to lead and inspire the next generation. I need men to treat all living beings as equal, with respect and with unconditional love.

You see this is no longer the dark ages, the days of oppression and control. It’s no longer the time where women are considered subordinate to men. It’s no longer a time to objectify women. I cannot idly sit back and listen to this rhetoric any longer. You see, I have two teenage daughters, and Donald words and actions matter. You said your comments about women were just words, and that all men do this, and that you’ve heard worse. You said this is simply “locker room banter” or that “boys will be boys.”

Understand Donald that we create our world. We are our thoughts; we are our actions. Through our words and our actions, we teach the world around us what is acceptable and what is not. Your words and your actions are not inspiring nor are they of a leader. Your words speak of oppression and objectification. These are the words and the ideology of the dark ages. This is the same banter that entitled men have spoken to oppress and control women throughout history.

Understand Donald, I am familiar with the conversation. I grew up in a locker room, was the quarterback in a small town and lived in a fraternity. Believe me I understand locker room banter and I freely participated in the objectification of women for a time in my life. My efforts were encouraged and applauded by the locker room boys around me. My status rose with each notch I marked on my belt. Yet underneath this false bravado, I was a scared, insecure little boy. When I look at you Donald I see a scared little boy who bullies and oppresses. A man who feels entitled, someone that no one stands up to or holds accountable.

Donald, as a father of two daughters I am holding you accountable. The objectification of women is NOT acceptable. Read NOT, as in, “locker room banter” or “boys will be boys” is NOT acceptable.

You see Donald beyond your locker room banter and your words of oppression, there was a time in history that women were worshipped. A woman was seen as the giver and protector of life. The woman was the Divine Goddess. The men bowed and revered the goddess. As I spiritual evolved along my path, and shed the fear I was holding inside I let go of the male stereotype and who society thought I should be. I let go of roles, and of the masks I was wearing and removed any barriers I had to love. As I did this I let go of this little boy, and in viewing women as objects or conquests. Each living being I saw in front of me was a mirror to myself. I saw my equal, a vibrant being filled with compassion and love. I saw the Divine.

I understand Donald this may be too much of a stretch for you right now, so let’s take baby steps. Begin by understanding that all living beings should be treated with respect, equality and compassion. Begin to understand that light and only light removes the darkness, that we need bridges and not walls. Understand that we are both students and teachers in every moment. Understand that the world, that children, that your children are watching.

Donald, I need you to spiritually evolve, beyond a me centric world to a universally connected world that treats all beings with kindness and love.

I need you to understand that I am committed that my daughters live in a world where they are respected, treated as equals and with love by both women AND men.

Donald, and all men hear these words. It’s time to spiritually evolve, to love, to inspire and to unite all living beings. I can no longer sit idly by with indifference. We must be better, we must teach our children to spiritually evolve. Words and actions matter.

This is the way of the Zen warrior, the warrior who fights the ultimate battle in that of conquering ourselves. Yet, the warrior also fights for those that cannot fight for themselves. The warrior fights for peace, and for love.

This is my path. This is what I fight for.

Donald, hear these words.

Thomas D. Craig

Love. Inspire. Unite