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kissed by godYesterday I saw someone who had been kissed by God.

I sat in a coffee shop listening to a young singer Sawyer Fredericks, all of 16 years old, sing from the depths of the Universe. He sang from a sacred place, a place that was not learned or from training, a place touched by the divine.

I found myself moved to tears in knowing the grace in this connection, a harmony in all that is possible in living beings. One connection, one voice, one blend of vibration that inspires and unifies all of humanity. It was as if the voice of God was speaking directly to me.

This is and isn’t about Sawyer. I don’t know him and my guess is that as a 16-year-old he would think I was truly OUT THERE. This is about the blessing that we as living beings are in this Universe. This connection that Sawyer has is an idea of what is possible in all living beings. It is a representation of the divine within each of us. It is a kiss from God.

This moment exists everywhere. Look around. Let go of all of the busy thoughts in your mind or the thoughts of what should be. In this present moment around you is a moment that itself has been kissed by God. The smile of a small child, the hug of a reunion, the inspiration of a young man realizing his potential in life, a poem, a photograph, a novel, a movie. Human beings are amazing and we don’t even know this. The person next to you right now is incredible. When we take time to look and see life in a context that is beautiful and that anything is possible then the world appears this way to us. It becomes a gift, a miracle in every moment. It brings tears and happiness and LOVE at all times.

We have all been kissed by God.

We are each divine within, and we all have our own gift. We have the ability to connect and inspire. The moment we realize that we are a gift, and divine and are here to love, inspire and unite all living beings then we understand our divine presence on this planet.

The poet Hafiz said


No one is looking

I swallow deserts and clouds

And chew on mountains knowing

They are sweet


When no one is looking and I want

To kiss


I just lift my own hand





I told my daughter I was moved to tears in listening to a song. I told her this young man had been kissed by God and she said, “wait, you don’t believe in God.”

I told her just because I don’t follow a Christian path or the absolute word of the bible does not mean I don’t believe in something bigger than myself. God is a word. No, I don’t believe in a white-robed, white-haired, bearded man granting wishes above the clouds. When describing things such as the Divine, or Unconditional LOVE words do not represent as once they are spoken or written they have context from others. I speak of God as the Divine, the Great Spirit, as LOVE, choose whatever word represents this for you. I speak from a place where we are all connected across race, sex, age…across cultures. We are vibrating energy that is connected to everything in the Universe.

I am grateful in finding these moments that remind me of this, that bring me to tears, that make me laugh, that has me realize the unlimited potential of human beings. These moments that remove any constraints in my heart and fill my space with boundless LOVE.

This is the kiss from God. For this I am eternally grateful.

Call to Action:

  • Let go of your thoughts and be present. Look around and see the beauty in the Universe in front of you.
  • Move beyond the superficial, find the passion and inspiration in those around you. There are amazing people in front of you at this very moment.
  • Remove any barriers that you have to love. Connect to this place. This is your root.

Thomas D. Craig

Author of A Cup of Buddha, and Is that so? A Modern Fable of Awakening

writer. seeker. Zen warrior