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perfect giftI have found the perfect gift.

It is priceless and it is available to all of us.

It’s easy to find. It’s past the holiday crowds, beyond the aisles filled with things, and the trees stacked with gifts. It’s above people’s judgments and that constant voice of fear that is so prevalent inside all of us. It sits beneath the masks that we wear. The masks that we believe will shield us from pain, from suffering, the masks that we hide the utter truths of life, deep within us for no one to see, a thick armor we use to keep life and people at a distance. The gift is below this, beyond any of this superficiality. It is within us. A light that shines beyond any darkness. It is the greatest power in the universe.

The perfect gift is love.

There is no greater gift than to strip away everything, leaving nothing but your vulnerable self, raw, and exposed with only your heart to give completely and unconditionally.

At our core, beyond our fears, beyond our judgments and all of these masks stripped away, we are love. All of us. I am you, you are me. We are love. There is no separation, there is no ‘I’ and ‘You’. We are a string of vibrating energy deeply connected, mirrored in our experiences. Your moments are my moments. My experiences are your experiences. Beyond the egos’ veil of illusion we are one heartbeat, one pulse of energy that shines far beyond this lifetime. There is no greater power than this connected energy, this universal love. I have no other word to describe this but to use the word LOVE. Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

We throw the word love around for many things. I love ice cream, or I love summer days. I speak not of things but of a love much deeper than this. A love without barriers, vulnerable, filled with compassion and without condition. This is who we are at our core. Everything else is a mask of fear keeping us from our home. Love binds us, connects us. It is universal, beyond words, and languages and borders.

It is easy this time of the year to get caught up in the conversation of superficiality and things. This conversation keeps us ordinary, it roots us to this body, this luggage that carriers our connected energy, our universal love. We are beyond this. We are bigger than things, bigger than this body.

We are love.

And love is the perfect gift. A gift we must give to ourselves. Strip away all barriers that hold you against love. Every moment. This is your journey home. This is the path. The more you find love within the more connected you become to all living beings. Every being becomes your brother and sister. The thought of harm or violence or anger dissipates as we realize we could not damage our own family. Our frustrations and suffering melt into a sea of universal love.

This is the perfect gift – LOVE. Give it away freely.

Call to Action:

  • Strip away all of your barriers, become vulnerable and open your heart.
  • Find and remove all barriers to love that you have in your life.
  • BE LOVE….


Thomas D. Craig

Author of A Cup of Buddha and Is that so? A Modern Fable of Awakening

writer. seeker. warrior.