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mountain sunriseFor What is Life

For what is life if we have not bowed to a sunrise on top of a mountain
or climbed a tree because it was there
or breathed the dew off a honeysuckle like a newborn
or felt the tears of a cloud as we danced in the rain

For what is life if we have not given our heart fully, without condition
or cried all night with a loved one
or laughed at the insignificance of it all
or stared at a child in wonder and awe at the beauty of a human being

For what is life if we do not live on the edge, far away from ordinary
or let go of fear, and words like CAN’T and NORMAL
or live with love, completely without boundaries
or find grace and humbleness in every action that we take

For what is life if we do not live as if each breath was our last
or come to the realization that we are all divine
or awakened to our connection to all living beings as brothers and sisters
or that our greatest gift, our purpose is realizing that we are here to serve others

For what is life if we are not sucking the marrow out of it with every drop, every breath, every heartbeat, until it beats no more.