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fight of my lifeEach day I fight.

I fight the fear that grips all of us. The fear that keeps us ordinary, keeps us safe. The fear that shadows our every move telling us we are small, telling us we are not good enough, telling us someone else will take care of it.

I fight the voices of others telling me who I am, who I should be, or what I cannot do. I fight the judgment and preconceived ideas of the status quo. I fight a world putting me in a box based on my status, my race, my preferences, or my sex.

I fight the safety and security in staying the same. I fight the resistance in not wanting to change. I fight the yearning of being complacent, of being satisfied. I fight the voice that says enough, stay where you are.

I fight the whispers asking Why you? and telling me I can’t. I fight a world filled with white picket fences, 2.5 kids, and 9 to 5 jobs. I fight a world that seems to already know what is best, a world that is closed to the question what if?

I fight my mind that wants to bring forward every disappointment, every heartache, every moment of suffering to protect me. I fight the want to close myself, to keep my emotions within, to stay at the surface, to stay safe.

I fight a world that fights for the individual self, for the ordinary. I fight a world that is resistant to change, that creates boundaries in what is possible, in what can be done. I fight a world that wants me to conform.

I fight because….

The word CAN’T does not exist.

Pain is only temporary.


I am capable of anything.

Every door that closes a new one opens.

The sun rises new every day.

There is no tomorrow, there is only this moment RIGHT NOW.

I am connected to every living being on this planet.

I am here for a purpose.

I am LOVE.

This is the fight.

I fight myself. Every moment of everyday.

When I step onto the mat, or climb a mountain I fight not the opponent or life itself, I fight the complacency for ordinary. I fight to suck the marrow out of life, to have an extraordinary life filled with love and abundance. I fight to live fully, with vulnerability, with integrity, expressing all of my emotions, giving all of self at every moment to the world around me. I fight for this at every moment and I am at peace because I know that when darkness comes in this body I have put it all out there, no lies, just truth. I have nothing to hide, I have lived on the edge. I have lived with LOVE.

Call to Action:

  • Write down where fear has stopped you, where you have placed the word CAN”T.
  • Write down what you are committed to in this lifetime. Fight for this.
  • Be LOVE

Thomas D. Craig

writer. seeker. Zen Warrior

Author of A Cup of Buddha and Is that so? A Modern Fable of Awakening