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divine goddessIf you are a woman, this letter is to you.

I have so much to say, so many years, so many experiences, so many apologies, so much gratitude to express.

First I need to express my apologies. I apologize for the times in my life I have viewed you as an object, as only a physical being on this planet. I apologize if I have ever viewed you as not equal to me, if I ever doubted the powerful being that you are. I apologize for any resentment or shying away from your emotional power. All of my actions were based in fear, and not understanding the divine goddess that you are. All of my actions in the past have been as a little boy.

Life is too short and the world too big to play small, to play in this lifetime as a little boy. I am no longer interested in this role.

I see who you are now. You are a divine goddess, the giver of life, the epitome of nurturing and compassion, the manifestation of LOVE itself. You inspire me to be better. You burn the fire within me and I bow down to you. To ask if you are my equal is an insult to you, and an embarrassment that some on this planet still do not see the goddess that you are. You are beyond my equal, you are my partner as a human being, a joint light fused by the vibration of love. At our root, outside of this physical luggage that we carry and for some reason label with our sex, or our race, we are the same vibration of love.

I grew up with my mother and two sisters and karma has brought me two daughters, and it took until now to finally see the beautiful being that you are. Any conversation holding you back, or limiting you in any way is a dishonor to that which you represent. You are capable of anything on this planet. You are a powerful being that wraps this world in love and nurturing and I am honored by who you are and I bow to you in your grace and power. I love you deeply within my soul for who you are.

To all of the women on this planet, I see you, I see the light and love that is within you. You are beautiful. You are love. You are nurturing and compassion. Thank you for who you are and for honoring this light and power within you.

To my daughters, I love you unconditionally. You are capable of anything on this planet, there is nothing that can hold you back. You are powerful beyond recognition and I will always stand for this within you. I will always love you no matter how you look, or what happens in your life, you inspire me and I am honored to be your father. I am humbled by who you are and who you will be.

To my partner in this life, I am honored to give my entire being and soul to you. We are one. I breathe in your power and love fueled by the goddess that you are. I bow to you and give you my heart, my gratitude and my love. There is no greater honor for me.

To all men, you may comment and make remarks to my words. To this I will still respect and love you no matter what you say. I am not afraid, nor threatened by your fear and insecurities. I challenge you to move beyond being a little boy and viewing women as objects and a threat to you. I challenge you to see the grace and beauty that every woman represents. Life is too short to be a little boy, be a man, and join in union with the sisters of this world.

I thank you for your patience and for my blindness until now. You see, fear is a powerful foe and it blinds us and binds our love. It keeps us small and insignificant and wastes time, and lifetimes.

I see you now and I am grateful for all that you represent.

Thank you and blessings to all of the goddesses on this planet.

Thomas D. Craig

Author A Cup of Buddha

writer. seeker. warrior