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The ENDIn the end

All I will be remembered for is what I stood for in this life.

I cannot take with me my car, my house, my clothes.  It will not matter where I have lived, or what was in my bank account, or what type of job I held.  All of my material world will pass as if a dream.

I will pass onto another world, in some other form, shining as a light as the energy that I am, that we all are.  This form, this body will pass and decay and merge into reusable properties that all physical forms pass into.

This cycle of life will pass like one long breath and exhalation that will seem like a short sleep.  All that will be left of this current existence will be the mist of a physical presence and the imprint of what I stood for in this universe.  Our imprint may be a faint whisper and not impressionable at all. It may be that of uneventful self-induced motives that will be forgotten before the dirt settles onto our face.  Or, our imprint may be one that touches our immediate family or community.  It may even spread throughout humanity and touch, move and inspire generations.  You are more powerful than any force on this planet, you can move mountains, ride the wind, create from nothing.  You alone author your imprint.

Whether you know this or not, this life is not about you.

In fact, it is this you that we must discuss.  It is this you that we have to get straight about first.  This you is not what you see in the mirror.  This is just the rental that you are now in possession of as you pass through this cycle of life.  YOU are the light within, the vibrating energy that all living things possess.  There is no distinction between you, and me and any other living being.  Under the covers we truly are connected.  There are no classes, no races, no divisions.  There is no distinction, WE ARE ONE.

It is our responsibility, our purpose to move forward.  We have been blessed with this amazing mind, body and spirit.  Our capabilities are limitless.  We can accomplish anything with intention and spirit.  ANYTHING.

All that is left is CHOICE.  Our life becomes a choice in what we are willing to stand for in this life.

Breathe in this thought for a moment.  Life becomes quite simple at this realization.  This stress dissipates as we are no longer fighting for some perceived MORE, or GOT TO HAVE things in this world.  All of this is meaningless.  When you take your last breath in the luggage that you are carrying around you will not have one thought about possessions, or what people think of you.  This is the Matrix that we wrap ourselves in.  This is the illusion that is meaningless.  All that will be left is who you touched on this planet and what you stood for.  Did you forward life in this universe?  The simplicity of life comes down to a daily mantra, a constant question of What do I stand for?.….What am I willing to fight for?…..Am I am making a difference?

In the end this is all that matters.  Every breath, every moment is a chance to choose.  The distractions of life pull us to choose a different path that fills one with a self-induced, egotistical life.  This pull gains traction and gravity within and we continue to search for meaning in this life.  We buy books looking for answers, we search and yet there is a void.  Once self disappears, and one lives in a state of curiosity in the possibility of benefitting the common we then we fill this void.  Our anxiety of our purpose is gone as there no longer is an I, an ego to satisfy.  If everything is one and we are all connected, and we exist this common we, then we can stand in the question of How can I make a difference for this common ‘we’?  Or, How can I make a difference for living beings?…Once we live in this existence we become light, filled with passion and purpose.  The root of our existence comes from our inner being fueled by love and compassion.

This is your choice in life.  Choose to make a difference.  Choose to forward life.

Find your purpose.  Find your passion that comes from this root of love.  Choose this existence.  Live life with no regrets.  Live life filled with purpose, passion and love.  Live life as if each day is your last.  Get up….stand up…fight for making a difference on this planet.

This choice is yours.  In the end this is all that you will remember.  In the end this is the only existence that will be remembered.  Do not fight for the remembrance of your physical body like some elaborate tombstone, fight through your actions, through your commitments, through your stand.

Call to Action:

  • Find what you stand for on this planet.  Read the papers, listen…you will hear it.  You will be called.  When you are called there will be nothing that can stop you.  You will be a force that cannot be stopped.  You will find this burning purpose.
  • Be in the question at all times ‘What do I stand for?’  Whether this is fighting with your significant other, work, your family.  You have and always have a choice, WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR?  Choose love, choose compassion, be the leader.  This is the question.
  • Be LOVE

Be well….Be Love

Thomas D. Craig

Author A Cup of Buddha

Writer. Seeker. Adventurer. Warrior