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Every end is a new beginning.


Human beings avoid change.  However inevitable change may be in life,  we find ways to ignore, delay, or avoid it.  We mask ourselves by becoming complacent, by pining for the past, by hoping for a different existence.  We hold onto the status quo with a vice grip that blurs our vision into one of no possibilities.  We hold onto a context of life that clings to the static yet asks why isn’t life different.  We live in this prism of suffering shackled to a life as a victim.

Yet, new beginnings surround us be it a new birth, a new job, a new love, a new day.  These new beginnings fill us with hope, with anticipation, with possibility.  When we allow our minds to truly put aside that which is complete then we are open to new experiences.  We see life in a different light.  We realize that life at every moment is a new beginning.  Every end is a new beginning, every moment is fresh, is new.

My life is at this point right now.  I am in a new job, I am working on publishing my second book, a fiction book titled ‘In Death and Living’ based on a short Zen story.  I am looking at new places to live, I am moving to a new phase in my relationship with my girlfriend and various friends. Life moves as it always does.

There is no power in this world that can stop life from happening.  At times life brings rainbows and smiles and at times it brings tears and extreme challenges.  It is easy for human beings to put blinders on and see life through a certain lens be it rose colored or black.  We begin to expect life to be a certain way, or we begin to long for the way used to be.  We build lives on hope and pray for things that we need or lives that we deserve.  When life plays out in a different manner and our expectations are not met we feel frustration and sadness in that our lives are not what they are supposed to be.

At every moment as we filter and process life, a larger existence is happening all around us.  The brain processes 400 Billion bits of information every second yet we are aware of only 2000 of these.  We miss life happening at every moment.  If we remove our blinders, if we remove the concept of good or bad, if we remove the expectations in life then we can start seeing life and the world just as it is……beautiful in every moment.

When we can take in life as it happens without creating meaning around it, or holding onto moments grasping for a different existence then we can truly create a life with continuous NEW BEGINNINGS.  From this state of nothing we can create a life at every moment. There is no right or wrong or expectations in how things should be.  We then take in and live life from an open existence and begin to EXPERIENCE all of the things around us that we have been blind to our entire lives.

It is said that when Columbus anchored in the new world the natives could not see the ships docked off the island.  These natives had no concept in their minds of a schooner ship so their minds could not grasp the reality that these ships were anchored immediately off the shore.  This is our life.  We are blind to so much life around us as our minds are focused on outcomes and expectations and not on being and experiencing.  We run the hamster wheel to our death bed longing, expecting, and hoping and we die missing the grandiose of our existence.

When we empty and come from a place of nothing, we begin to see.  We begin to hear.  We begin to taste.  We begin to feel…..We begin to live.  We have no expectations.  We are here, exactly where we are supposed to be living exactly the life we are supposed to have.  Look around, see this world, there is beauty, grace in front of us at every moment. Until we let go we cannot see it.  Until we find this emptiness we will suffer.  Until we allow ourself to BE at every moment we will sprint through this blink of a life and never find peace.

Embrace new beginnings.  Allow yourself to create these new beginnings at every moment.  Allow yourself to find grace and beauty at every moment of your life.

You are creating your world.  Be love, be peace….this is your choice.

Call to Action:

        • Inspect your life and find where you long for things to be a certain way.  Find where you have expectations and be present to these areas.
        • Be excited for new beginnings.  Be excited for creating new moments in your life.  Begin to create your world.  Choose every state of your existence.
        • BE your world.  Be Love.  Be peace.  Be grace.

Thomas D. Craig

Author of A Cup of Buddha