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Every artist was first an amateur.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fear limits our expression in life.  Fear constrains our ability to explore and experience this world.  Fear creates distance in relationships and extinguishes the flame of love.  Fear controls and manipulates the limitless being that exists in all of us.  Fear oppresses our ability to shine.

As human beings we have a notion of looking good.  This worry about how we will be judged or looked upon by another dictates our way of being on this planet.  We limit our leadership.  We constrain our full self-expression.  We become safe and rational.  Our way of being and our context of life becomes small and constrained in a box.  Safe and rational become the norm.  Our thoughts focus on what cannot be done.  Our life becomes limited by the fear that constrains us and becomes a world of survival.  We begin to use phrases like “who am I to do that?”  Or, “someone else will take on that action.”

Our actions are consistent with this fear and wanting to look good.  We play small.  We doubt what is possible.  We do not see the power that exists inside of us because of the limits that we have built within ourselves over our lifetime.  We worry about judgement and what people think.  We play a game to look controlled and good on the outside while we are wrapped in chains and constrained on the inside.  Our life exists inside of a box that is self-created.

Fear keeps us from a life that we love.  Fear masks the compassionate and loving being that exists inside all of us.

We know what exists down this path of fear.  We have been down this road.  Our energy, our spirit craves for a different journey.  We crave for a journey that is free of bondage.  A journey where we dance like no one is watching, where we sing when the melody of life moves us, where we speak to move another human being.  This is a journey of full self-expression and love.  This is a journey where we step outside of our limited box and rid ourself of fear into a world that we are the ONE, that there is no one else more capable to carry the flame of our commitments.  Our love and commitments carry far more power than the limits of fear.  Who are you not to carry this flame of love out into this world?

As we step into something new in life we are expanding.  Playing a life that is static, and limited is safe and constrained.  We are creative human beings that exist to explore and expand.  Expansion requires stepping beyond what we know and what feels safe.  In order to expand we must get comfortable in making mistakes.  This is part of the growth.  Breakdown to breakthrough.  Feel freedom in the chaos and the unknown.  Feel freedom in mistakes.  Learn to love them.  As Ralph Waldo Emerson states “every artist was first an amateur.”  Every new step is a first step.  Be comfortable in the uncomfortable.  Get rid of the concept of looking good.  This is a concept that is entirely self-created.  Be curious, be adventurous, be love.

Live a life that is filled with creation and exploring.  Live a life that expands.  Be on a journey that is fully self expressed.  Be a stand for expansion and love.  Be your commitment on this planet.  Life is too important and too short to have it limited by fear.  You are far bigger than this.  Create this journey.

Call to Action:

  • Get present to where you are controlled by fear in your life.  Get present to where you are consumed with looking good and judgement by others.
  • Create a life that is unreasonable.  Creating this context creates a life where anything is possible and you are the one to make this happen.  BE the ONE.
  • Be curious, explore, expand.  Try new things, remember that you start as an amateur.
  • Be comfortable in making mistakes.  Be comfortable in the chaos.  This is exactly how it should be.  This is expansion.
  • Be LOVE.

Thomas D. Craig

Author A Cup of Buddha