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Stand up for what is right even if you are standing alone.


True power comes from within. True power comes from standing for who you are and what you believe in the face of NO AGREEMENT from the world or yourself. True power is removing all barriers within and standing for something bigger than yourself.

As human beings we look everywhere for this power. We read books, watch movies, listen to speeches. We surround ourselves with superficial masks to display our Peacock feathers. We flaunt these feathers proudly with our big houses, our cars, guns, and trips. We take on this faux power as if it is ourselves and we treat others as if they have no power. We treat them without integrity and love all to beat our chest and bellow our primal screams. Yet, at the height of our screams, when we are alone, we know inside we have no power. We know that we are filled with fear.  We are filled with anxiousness and anger. We are filled with emptiness. We stand for nothing.

If we were to stop this dance in life, what would be left? If we removed all labels in life, What would we feel? If everything was removed and we stood naked in this world what would we find?

The uneasiness in the pit of your stomach is the gap between your true self and the play that you are acting as your life. The anxiousness that is left is your mind asking “If I am not this creation, then what am I.”  Your mind wants to fight for this creation.  It wants your ego to develop into a SHOUT that screams…Hear me, See me, I am something…LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT MY THINGS.  This gap is the gap between your mind and your intuitive heart.  Your intuitive heart sees no distance between you and anything else in this Universe.  Your intuitive heart comes from a Universal pool of love that innately understands we are all vibrating energy and connected.  The fear and unrest we have comes from the barriers we have built against our intuitive self.  The further we remove ourselves from this universal pool the greater the unrest.

We spend our lives fighting.  We fight to be heard.  We fight for money.  We fight against those that oppose us.  We fight, but what are we committed to in life?  What do we stand for?

As a martial artist I am often asked what I am fighting for.  The answer is simple and is the root of martial arts…..I am fighting myself.  I am fighting to remove all fear and obstacles within myself.  Standing in this space I am left with a commitment to better myself everyday.  I am left with a commitment to LOVE.

Look at your life.  What are you telling the world with who you are?  What are you fighting for?  What do you stand for?  When you really get the creation of the YOU that you presenting to the world and you let this go then you can begin to create from nothing.  In this emptiness you have everything.  You can be and create anything that you want.  You can actually stand for something beyond yourself.

Stand in this place.  Stand in your purpose on this planet.  Stand in what moves you.  Human beings have been in existence for what is a blip in the time of the Universe.  Our lives will be over in an instant….get up…stand up for what you are committed to in this lifetime.  Stand in this in the face of any opposition.  This is where you will find your power.

Stand up and we stand together.


Call to Action:

      • Get clarity on the YOU that you are presenting to this world.  Get present that the roles and labels you have created is NOT the true you.
      • Fight the fight within yourself and remove these barriers and find what you are COMMITTED to on this planet.  Stand in this commitment in the face of NO AGREEMENT.
      • Be LOVE

Thomas D. Craig

Author of A Cup of Buddha