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Yesterday I was clever I wanted to change the world.  Today I am wise so I am changing myself.


I believe human beings are in the midst of a shift.  An evolutionary shift in unity consciousness.  A movement that extends beyond ego, self and group to one of all beings connected underneath the foundation of love.  The beings leading this movement, this revolution, stand for something bigger than themselves.  Their belief is one of unity, one of peace, one of love.  These beings see beyond material means, beyond war and conflict, beyond alienation and classes.  These enlightened beings stand for transformation within all living beings.  This is the Way of the Zen Warrior.

No longer will individuals and groups of people be able to control masses of people through fear, and restricting information.  There are governments and individuals still attempting this archaic form of control today but it is only a matter of time until the Zen Revolution of love breaks down these walls. There was a time when this form of control worked as individuals were restricted from education, or information or access to other people.  It was easy to build walls, and create stories to control the masses.  This control was created through ego and greed.  There was a payoff for these groups and they were willing to stop at nothing to keep their way of life intact.  This was done on the backs of the poor and the innocent, and on the destruction of animals and the planet.  All to receive more- more control, more money, MORE GREED.  Death, destruction and extinction are minimal thoughts when the ego is thirsty.

However, this way of being can no longer be sheltered and controlled.  There are groups and pockets where this exists but it is not longer behind an iron curtain, or in darkness.  The world is connected now.  No longer are there mysterious places and beings on this planet.  The Internet has allowed connection to the deepest corners of this planet.  This brings understanding and knowledge.  This brings exposure.  Educated, knowledgeable people make a difference in the form of peaceful resistance. This has been shown in history from the independence of India, to the Civil Rights movement in America, and the Egyptian Revolution.  The peaceful intentions of the non violent masses will succeed.  Human beings can create anything they wish on this planet.  Death, destruction and warfare are crude, limited and shortsighted.  Long term unification under the foundation of love is the most powerful force in the world.  Nothing can stop this love tsunami.  Bullets and bombs are short-term control mechanisms.

Human beings and the Universe are bigger than this crude approach.  We are warriors fighting for peace and love for all living beings.  This is the way of the Zen Warrior.  No longer will we arm ourselves with guns and hate.  We will arm ourselves with love and with opening our hearts.  A smile and love will be our weapons.  Compassion and empathy will be our battle cries.  All living beings will be our brothers and sisters.  This is what we fight for.

Join the revolution of love.  Be a Zen Warrior.  Change starts within and is led through our way of being, and our actions.  Be the leader that you are and stand for a world, a Universe filled with peace and love.  There is no greater commitment and nothing less will be tolerated.

Namaste….I love you for who you are.

Call to Action:

  • BE LOVE.  Stand for this in your life, in your family and on this planet.

Thomas D. Craig

Author A Cup of Buddha