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The world is like a mirror, you see? smile and your friends smile back.

Japanese Zen Saying

All we are is a reflection of our thoughts, words and actions.  We alone are responsible for our world.  We are our creation.  Once we realize this the dark clouds are lifted from our shoulders and we fly.  We no longer have the authority to point fingers and be a victim in our play.  We are the cause.  We have no where else to look.  The responsibility lies entirely at our feet.

Tolstoy is quoted as saying if you want to be happy, BE.  We manifest our reality.  Just like the Japanese Zen saying listed above we are the mirror.  If you want more of something in life then you create more of this yourself.  If you want to be heard, listen.  If you want love, LOVE everyone and everything.  If you want peace, find peace within yourself. 

Our beings are vibrating energy.  We are frequencies that send energy out into the universe, and we synch with similar energies that we bring back into our world.  Like attracts like.  Surround yourself with negative and angry thoughts and this will be your world.  You will ask questions like why me?  Or make statements like you are a victim or cursed.  Like begets like. 

The Buddha said “We are what we think.  All that we are arises with our thoughts.  With our thoughts we make the world.”

Our thoughts, our way of being starts with the end in mind.  In order for the world, the universe to create the reflection of your way of being you must be completely immersed in the reflection you want to generate.  There is no starting, or trying.  As Yoda said, “We do not try, we do.”  If you want peace in your world you must immerse yourself into peace.  This may seem impossible.  You may be in the middle of perceived chaos, or violence and this goal seems forever distant and impossible.  You must remove these thoughts and create the root of peace within yourself.  As the Bible stated in Matthew 5:39 “But I tell you. Do not resist an evil person.  If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”  Gandhi understood this concept clearly.  Amidst violence he instructed all to resist violence and offer only peace.  In essence they turned and offered the other cheek to the British. 

Your present moments are created out of the future you are living into.  This is the essence of starting with the end in mind, or as a Zen saying states “when climbing a mountain start at the top.”  All negative thoughts, feelings and emotions must be put aside.  All baggage from the past must be let go.  Start with a clear space, from nothing you can create any existence.  From nothing create your world.  Be this at the depths of your soul.  Let your heart pound in concert with this way.  Breathe in this way of being in every breath.  Exhale all doubt and live into the future you create.  Be your creation.  Remove fear and stand in your commitment for who you are.  Be this stand. 

At some point in our lives, be it now or on our deathbed we realize we are not the flesh and blood that exists in this container that is our body.  We are not the creation of an ego that sees the world through the context of I am.  We are all bigger than I, we are connected to a bigger pool.  A giant ocean of WE that bridges and connects all.  Our creation, our commitment on this planet is bigger than you can even imagine.  Stand in this space.  Create this.  Manifest this reality.  Stand for something bigger than yourself.  Create your world.  Create a connected world.  In this I see your reflection in the mirror as it is me.

Call to Action:

    • Get present to the reality that you alone create your world.  You are the cause and responsible for your life.  You no longer have the authority or right to be a victim or point fingers elsewhere.  Get present to this truth.
    • Create your life.  Manifest your creation.  Write it down.  Read it out loud.  Shout it to all that passes.  Vibrate this energy with your entire being.  BE this creation.
    • Stand for a commitment that is bigger than yourself.  Create a life that moves and inspires you.  Create a purpose that transform the world around you.  Stand in this commitment.  You no longer have the permission to be upset and off in this world as your commitment to this planet is bigger than yourself.
    • BE.  Be happy.  Be peace.  Be inspiration.  BE LOVE.

Thomas D. Craig

Author of A Cup of Buddha