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It has been said that life is but the footprints we leave behind.

Our existence and presence will one day be gone, a mist in the flow of life.  While our bodies will be gone our footprints will remain imprinted into every fabric of life that we have touched.  Vibrating energy from the waves of our soul.

Herein lies the question.  What footprints do you want to leave from your life?

It is easy to remove this question from our lives.  We can follow life’s flow of tasks and to do items.  We can build our nest of things, all removed from this question until it is too late.  At some point in our lives this question will surface.  It might be the last nanosecond of a last breath, or it might be an eight year old determined to make a difference on this planet.  Subconsciously this question lingers inside, a festering wound that can only be saved through a life of purpose-dedicated footprints along a path of service.  Consciously this question will burn our thoughts like a birth unfulfilled.  The thoughts of what if will linger as we transition to another existence.

Our footprints are our existence.  Every step, in every moment is the life we create, the life we breathe into this world.  We choose the footprints we wish to leave.  These could be faint footprints that easily dissipate impressed by a passionless life.  These footprints could also be nondescript, formless blobs no different from any other steps onto the landscape.  These footprints are easily forgotten and blend into the landscape.  However, these footprints could also be clear, distinct steps filled with intention and purpose, each with clarity and memorable lines that not only make a difference for those that see them but also are never forgotten.

Our lives are the choice we take in every step.  We are constantly creating.  Creation does not happen in the past, nor does it exist in the future.  It exists NOW.  Every moment, every step, we are leaving remnants of our existence, our purpose.  This is the journey.  It is filled with purpose and love.  This path is our true being coming home.  This is the fire burning inside of us.

Create your life.  Find your purpose.  Make a difference in giving unconditionally, and step with intention and passion in this world.  These are the footprints we are to leave.

Imagine a world built on the footprints and paths of individuals connecting to their true selves filled with compassion, love and intention.  These are the paths that will bring us out of the darkness.  These are the paths that will connect all living beings.  Create this world.

Call to Action:

  • Get present to your life and what you stand for on this planet.  Get present to what you are committed to in this lifetime.  What is your purpose.  Find it.
  • Stop living from the past and hoping for tomorrow.  Create the NOW in your life.  This is all there is.
  • Step with passion and intention in life.  Ring the bell of life loudly.  Step with all to see your footprints, let these echo long after you have passed in this body of yours.

*Photo Credit:  iStockphoto

Thomas D. Craig

Author A Cup of Buddha