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If you want to be happy.  Be.

Leo Tolstoy

“To Be or Not to Be.  That is the question.”  Shakespeare tells us.  This is the question.  The question of our choice in life.  The question that ultimately tells us that we alone have the ability to create our lives.  This question simplifies all of our stories, our suffering, our pain into one question.  What do you choose for your life? 

All of us go through challenges at some point.  Our mind creates the perception of UPs and DOWNs in life.  It is as if the Universe tests our resolve, our commitment.  It seems as if the Divine is asking us if we REALLY want our manifestations.  Two steps forward, one step back.  Knocked down nine times get up ten.  This is life.  It just is.  It is exactly the way it is supposed to be, and we are in it and learning exactly how we should.

I was reminded of this last evening by someone I truly love.  I felt lost.  I felt as though I was losing something very important to me.  I was clinging to the expectation of how something was in the past.  Today is not yesterday.  I was suffering as I was clinging to this ideal in my mind.  I let this go and accepted my situation as exactly how it should be and I am learning exactly what I should be learning.  In this I am blessed.  I am blessed for my incredible friend.  I am blessed for this lesson.  I am blessed for this test in life.  I can choose.  To be or not to be.  I could have chosen suffering filled with anger, gossip and destruction.  I am choosing a different path filled with unconditional love and acceptance.  I am choosing gratitude.  I am so grateful in having the opportunity to go through this lesson.  I am a better person for it.  My bond with this friend is greater for it.  My bond with my commitment in life is stronger because of it. 

Every moment in every day is an opportunity to choose.  Choose coming from your commitment in life.  Your commitment is far bigger than your thoughts, feelings and emotions.  The mind and these emotions have us play small in life.  They have us look at life through an ego centric point of view.  When you get connected to what you stand for on this planet then you no longer have time to play small or cater to these emotions.  Life is too short for this trivial matter.  Your game is far bigger than this.

Find what you want in life and LET IT BE.  Find WHO you want to BE in life and let this BE.  Be Happy.  Be Peace.  Be inspiration.  Be power.  BE LOVE.

Call to Action:

        • Get present to where you lack power in your life.  Get present that this moment is a choice.  Choose your way of being in every moment.
        • Find what you stand for in life.  Write it down.  Post it on the wall, put in your wallet.  This is who you are to this planet.  You are not your thoughts and emotions.  Life is too short to play small.  Be committed to your stand in life and transform this world.
        • BE.  Choose it.  Be happy.  Be LOVE.

Thomas D. Craig

Author A Cup of Buddha