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A Tear from a Cloud

I stand strong

not wanting to let go

as the sun radiates upon me

I billow in emotion

riding the wind

on my inevitable journey

I breathe in

filling my depths

with the source

I sigh silently

engrossed in this moment

as a tear from a cloud

streams down my cheek

Thomas D. Craig

Touched?  Moved?  Inspired in your life?  Where?  Most of us really need to think about this question and struggle to find areas or relationships in our life that move us.  Typically our mind contemplates thoughts, opinions and judgement before we even have time to consider these thoughts and opinions.  They just show up based on brain patterns developed over our lifetime.  We walk into a room and immediately hold judgement over the space.  Our perception, our glasses that we wear create a preconceived judgement, a context that we view life through.

We have no curiosity, no wonder in life.  We make comments that things are just they way they are, but we don’t really inspect.  I test you to sit in your favorite coffee shop, or cafe and put all items aside and just be.  Your mind will wash over you with pounding thoughts like “this is stupid”…..”I see everything, I have been here so many times before.”  Let these thoughts take their course and drip off of you like a breaking fever.  Allow yourself to PUT ASIDE all of these thoughts and emotions and then BE in the space.

How do we BE in the space?  Our common approach is to only use our eyes.  We quickly look and perceptions are then formed on the entire environment, the people in the space and the overall energy.  First of all, we are not truly looking, we scan and then create opinion.  Truly LOOK.  Be curious and look in places that you have never looked before.  Look beyond task based SEEING.  Look through the eyes of child as if you have never seen any of this before.  A whole new world will be created.  Now take this concept to all of your other senses.  Listen….listen to the space.  Listen to conversations.  Every space has a personality through your listening.  It is there, search for it.  Use your nose, the space also has its own being through smell.  Taste can come in many forms, maybe in the food served, maybe in how your drink tastes, maybe in how you take in the environment similar to how you feel.  FInd how the place feels….how the environment feels.  There is an energy in the space, feel it.

Take curiosity out in your life.  See life as a child with a sense of wonder.  Breathe in every moment and BE.  In this stillness you will find something new at every moment.  You will find beauty in front of you at all times.  You will feel the tears of a cloud.

Call to Action:

    • Fully take in life with wonder and curiosity.  At first try this at least once a day, be still and take in the whole space.  Find the heartbeat and energy of the space and be at one with it.
    • When you feel preconceived opinions and thoughts, put these aside and look again at your environment and relationships.  Always ask yourself where can I bring wonder to this moment.
    • Be LOVE

Thomas D. Craig

Author A Cup of Buddha