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When I am Alone

No eyes

upon me

I feel your presence

like a warm embrace

No judgment or expectations

this moment

holds no time

bridging yesterday with tomorrow

No clothes

upon my back

I am naked to the world

for all to see nothing and everything

No fear

within me

I am what I am

when I am alone

Thomas D. Craig 

Have you noticed that in general human beings are afraid to be alone?

We mask our lives in chaos and busyness, in noise and minutiae.  We hide from silence.  We run from stillness.  It is within this silence that our true being exists and is bursting to get out.  It is here alone that we find our truth, there is no other place to look.

This terrifies most of us.  We are afraid to dine alone, or look within.  We hide in crowds, action items and things. We are absent of curiosity in our true being and we conform to the superficial masks that are part of the human attire.  We run from this stillness thinking that it will not find us.  We think that we can overcome this fear, this need to find our true self, this need to listen to our own heartbeat and voice within.  We create a story of our perceived self and sell it to the world around us. We wrap labels and roles around this mask and we pretend.  We sell it to ourselves and we cannot find peace.

Then one day, some sooner than later, we find the truth.  It cannot escape us.  The stillness is there, you know where.  It is there in the last moments of our breath on this planet.  It is there when we realize that all of those hours we spent getting ahead at work are meaningless now in our last moments.  It is there when we realize that all the stuff we accumulated in this body will not be coming with us on our next journey.  It is there in our final moments when we realize we have been living a lie to this world.  We realize we have been living through a mask and that the only thing that matters, the only thing that truly matters in each moment is BEING LOVE.

This is who you are in the stillness.  Once the busyness stops, and all of the people have left and you are alone the noise stops.  You are left to face with the ultimate fear, the fear of your true self.  The fear of what is underneath the perceptions and labels.  The fear of WHO you really are.  We are unwilling to explore our true being as our lives are run by this fear.  We run all the way to our deathbed constantly trying to fill the insatiable void inside of us.  Through all of these we feel out-of-place.  We lack peace.  We are absent of love.

Stop running.  Stop fighting your true being.  Let go.  Stop this facade, this one man broadway show of trying to look good, in trying to conform.  Stop this act before it is too late.  Don’t let your life fall into one last Rosebud regret in your final breath.

Live NOW.  Be free and let go of your fears.  Find yourself.  Get curious on who you really are.  Set dates with yourself and ponder life and your purpose.  Gandhi insisted on taking a walk everyday to reflect.  Find time to contemplate this gift that you are to this planet.

When you find who you really are there is nothing on this planet that can stop you.  You are a force unmatched in this world.  Be this force.  Be LOVE.

Call to Action:

        • Set time on your calendar for you and you alone.  This could be a walk, visiting a museum, meditating, whatever initiatives time for reflection.
        • Find who you are below all of the roles and labels.  Find the root of YOU.  Find the essence of love that permeates within you.
        • Distinguish when fear is running your life and take action to overcome this fear.  Fear impedes love, it impedes peace and happiness and creates misery and destruction.
        • Be LOVE.

Thomas D. Craig

Author A Cup of Buddha