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The sky weeps today in a persistent and forceful fit.  Seattle is living up to its reputation today as a dreary, wet place.  I am at my usual spot Starbucks, always choosing one close to a good Vegetarian spot drinking my usual Soy Green Tea Latte.  The dark clouds and rain drip reflection into my veins like an IV.  I am morose, deep in thought.  Add in headphones and some music and my mind is off in deep thought.

Life feels like a constant battle of comfort and non comfort.  One moment perceived satisfaction, then the next moment life throws a wicked curveball.  I flow from one to the other independent of permanence.  Non comfort is just a state of mind I shrug, and I flow back to happiness even at the depth of outward perceptions.

I typically do not hear these outward perceptions, however, I recently found out a friend of mine, a former workmate and fellow martial artist lived less than a mile away from me.  I hadn’t spoken to him in 7 years from the time when we both worked in south Florida.  It was quite a surprise to find him after all this time a few blocks from where I lived.  Small and very intentional is the world.  Like the rain, the universe is very persistent and purposeful. One cannot hide from its plan or intent.

I shared with him my journey from the time of our last meeting.  I had been a senior executive in the technology industry for many years, traveling and launching products around the world.  Within two years, I had gone through a divorce, left that company, started a new real estate company in Las Vegas and started a new relationship.  The financial markets froze and I lost everything, close to a half million dollars and this new relationship also came to an end.  I found myself driving across the country from Florida with no money, all my material things in my car not knowing where I was going.

At this point my friend jumped in saying how sorry he was.  I just smiled as I felt this was the beginning of my life.  I had no money, no business, no relationship yet I was free.  I was happy.  My cup was empty.   I wept and drove for 22 hours across the country from south Florida into west Texas.  My body felt light, and inspired.  All I could think about was writing.  This was four years ago, and up until that point I had been in the software industry my whole life.  Outside of product requirements and messaging I hadn’t written anything, yet this voice inside me said differently.  I held onto four specific ideas in my mind through this drive and one in particular wouldn’t go away.  It began to write itself in my mind, chapter by chapter.  I pulled off the road at a truckstop somewhere outside of San Antonio on Highway 10 and I tried to sleep in the car amongst my belongings.  It was impossible.  After 3 hours, I got up and a voice inside of me was clear and decisive.  I was to drive to Sedona Arizona and begin writing.

What???  I didn’t have more than a few hundred bucks to my name and I was going to stop in a town where I didn’t know anyone and write.  Really?   I didn’t have a choice, the voice was loud and clear.  It was more instructive than this.  My intuition told me to drive to Sedona and find this young girl who worked at one of the vegetarian restaurants as she would have a place for me to stay.  I had seen this girl about 6 months earlier when I was in Sedona.  I am not sure why she was called out other than she was the only person I talked to when I was in town.  So I drove, and drove finally getting to Sedona.  I checked one of the restaurants and she was not there, pulled up to the next one and there she was.  I went in and talked to the owner and a few other customers and then blurted out my manifestation…”Does anyone have a place I can stay for a month to a month and a half?”  The time was a total guess, I was working from a space of nothing.

The owner told me she knew a few people who could help.  I thought this was great news, different from my manifestation but positive either way.  Then, about 5 minutes later, the young blonde girl comes up to me and says “Hi, my name is Kristen and I am staying at a place my parents own.  If you need a room you can rent a room pretty cheap for as long as you need.”

I was amazed.  I obviously said yes.  Stayed for just over a month, wrote the book that was in my head, found an agent a few weeks later, and a few years after this the book is now published called A Cup of Buddha.  More importantly, I now know who I am and what I stand for in life.  I am a stand for Unconditional Love for all Living Beings.  This is who I am.  This is why this blog exists and what I am up to in life.  I will write, speak, create all from this space.

In this I have gratitude as from nothing I found everything.


Call to Action:

  • From nothing who are you?  What do you stand for on this planet?  What are you willing to die for at this very moment?
  • This is your calling.  Life is too short, be this person today.  Find your purpose.
  • Be LOVE

*This post is for my friend Richard, my brother from another mother, who told me I am not sharing enough about myself, and my life.  Thank you for this insight Richard, I love you brother.

Thomas D. Craig

Author A Cup of Buddha