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A good traveler has no fixed plans

and is not intent on arriving

Lao TzuTaoTeChing: Steven Mitchell translation

Life is the journey, it is not the destination. From the moment we are born life is a journey filled with inspiration, love, and adventurer.  The universe is our playground to explore with childlike curiosity.  Every day is a birth, a newness of anticipation in what might be next around the corner… the sights, the smells the touch of exploration. The world is our university to learn, to grow, to be.

How many of us view life in this context?  How many of us view life as a playground, as a journey to explore everyday?  How many of us are intent on hammering through our task lists, and waiting for the tomorrows that never come?  Life becomes routine and ordinary.  Curiosity disappears and we lose our childlike excitement and exploration for the world.  The thoughts of what might be or what we can create dissipates into our subconscious, drowned in a sea of reasonableness, fear and apathy.

If we viewed the world like a child with the filter that anything is possible, that we can go and do anything that our mind creates then we would jump out of bed everyday.  A walk around the block would be a safari in an unknown jungle.  We would run, skip, hide….we would play.  Life would be our playground. It would be FUN.   Exploration of the world wouldn’t be a someday conversation it would be part of our core as if an extension of our being.  It would be a ‘when I travel and experience these places’ versus ‘I wish I could travel to X BUT I CAN’T because I don’t have time, money, or fill in the blank excuse for life.’

Two words that should be eliminated from the English language…BUT and CAN’T.  These two words are the action of fear and the assassin of HOPE.  A child does not see life in this context.  They jump out of bed filled with excitement and curiosity.  The concept that things in life are not possible are learned through life, through perceived failures or actions from others.  This way of being is not at the root of our being.  In a space of love and compassion with curiosity as our foundation the world becomes our canvas and we can create any portrait that we want to.  We are all Michelangelo and the universe is our David.

I feel an affinity to Jack Kerouac’s On the Road having driven across the United States 4-5 times and traveled to many spots around the globe.  I drove endless highways without intent or itinerary.  I slept in the car showered at KOA’s or YMCA’s.  I sat on cliffs overlooking the fingerprints of the Divine.  I saw sunsets that took my breath away.  I slept in the sand nurtured by the lullaby of the waves.  I climbed mountains and heard the whispers of God in the wind.  I have met unforgettable people who bleed compassion and love.  I have seen the breath of God and felt the touch of the Great Spirit.  It is there for all to see if our eyes are open.

This world is an incredible place filled with amazing beings.  You have no idea who the people next to you really are, they are up to amazing things on this planet. Your neighbors, people next to you at the coffee shop, these people are truly amazing beings. Explore this planet whether it is your own neighborhood or across the globe.  Bring curiosity into this world.  Life is THE journey.  Take the journey each and every day.  Take this stand, you will change yourself and in turn change the world.  We are all connected.  We are one.  The journey is finding out this truth.

Call to Action:

        • Stop your expectations in how your day, your life should be.  Stop trying to get somewhere.  You are already here.  Enjoy the journey, be present in every moment.
        • Bring curiosity into your life.  Be a child again, jump out of bed with excitement for what you can create for the day, for your life.
        • Be LOVE.

*Photo Credit:  Joel at Dying Light – http://www.dyinglight.de/index.php?x=about&z=mostviewed

Thomas D. Craig

Author A Cup of Buddha