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No one is looking

I swallow deserts and clouds

And chew on mountains knowing

They are sweet


When no one is looking and I want

To kiss


I just lift my own hand




From the Gift- Poems by Hafiz the Great Sufi Master

Translations by Daniel Ladinsky

Even more so than Rumi, Hafiz captures my spirit.  His words sing in his love for the divine and for all living beings.  His words above are so beautiful and impactful.  How often we forget where to start our spiritual quest?  It is within ourselves.  Tolstoy said everyone wants to change the world but how many want to change themselves. 

I follow a practice called Sant Mat in India.  The masters speak of the divine as an ocean of love that all living beings are connected.  In essence we are each a drop of this ocean, part of the whole, yearning to connect back to the source.  Through our lives we may stray from this source of love and connection and our drop becomes murky, and covered in a metaphorical dirt.  As we live a path of love and compassion it becomes clear and connected again.  Most eastern practices use meditation as the vehicle to cleanse and connect one back to the whole.  Meditation quiets the mind and brings us in balance with the universe and with all living beings.

If we are each a part of this whole then we are each a component of the divine itself.  This is what Hafiz speaks….’when I want to kiss God I raise my own hand to my mouth.’  This is beautiful. 

Look in the mirror and see the divine creature that you are.  Look into the eyes of every living creature you come across as they are your brother and sister and a divine creature to themselves.  Life becomes filled with beauty, grace and truth when you begin to see life through this context.  No longer is there an interest to do harm, or do better than my brothers and sisters on this planet as we are one.  We are one.  We are each divine and filled with love.

I have such gratitude knowing this thought.  Be love.

Call to Action:

  • Look in the mirror.  Really look in the mirror, look into your eyes, see the divine creature that you are.  Accept every part of who you are, you are beautiful and filled with love.  You are the cause in this world.  You are light.
  • Look at every living being as God, as Buddha, as Jesus, as Mohammed…as the divine creature that they are.  Really look at these creatures filled with love and compassion and you will see their light.

Thomas D. Craig

Author A Cup of Buddha