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They asked a Chinese wise man, ‘What is science?’ He answered.  ‘To know people.’ They asked him, ‘What is goodness?’ He answered, ‘To love people.’

In order to live according to the law of God, a bird must fly, a fish must swim, and a person must love.  If people did harm to others rather than love them, they would be behaving as strangely as if a bird were to swim or a fish were to fly.

The greatest way to improve each other’s lives is not through money, gifts, good advice, or even work, but through love.

Every person’s responsibility is to nurture love and bring it into this world.

Leo Tolstoy from Wise Thoughts for Every Day 

I love Tolstoy.  One of the greatest writers of all time purposefully lived a simple life in his later years to focus on his connection to God and the Divine.  He directly influenced Gandhi and those on a spiritual path on the virtues of Love and Nonviolence. 

His words connect directly within me as if I have heard them before, as if I have felt and spoke from within.  How great are the words….”we have a responsibility to nurture love and bring it into this world.”  A responsibility….as a human being it is the core of our nature to BE LOVE and to bring it forth in our lives.  It is our responsibility to be a clearing for love in our environment.  We are all creators in our lives.  We create our world.  As Tolstoy says it is our essence and our responsibility to bring forth an environment of love.  There is no higher priority.  It is our duty.

Life is simply a choice.  If you want happiness…be happy.  If you want love…be love.  We alone generate this.  This is no where else to look.  Tolstoy takes this choice to another level by saying it is NOT a choice, it is our responsibility to BE LOVE in this world.  It is our duty to NURTURE and BRING FORTH LOVE.  Anything else is like a bird trying to swim or a fish trying to fly.  Love is the root of a human being.  Bring forth love into this world.  It is no longer a choice.

Call to Action:

      • Take responsibility for your life as it is your creation.  You alone create your environment.  Create happiness….create love.
      • Bring forth love to this world, it is your duty, your responsibility.  Be LOVE on this planet.  You alone lead the way.
      • BE LOVE

Thomas D. Craig

Author A Cup of Buddha