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If you judge people you have no time to love them.

-Mother Theresa

Who are you to judge?

Really….who are you?  At the root you are vibrating energy no different than any other living creature on this planet, or in the universe for that matter.  At the root of this energy sans fear, sans preconceptions, sans the mind out of control is one thing….LOVE.  You are love at the root of your being.  If you are love at the root of your being then I will ask the question again, WHO are YOU to judge?

Let’s break this question down.  First, there is no YOU.  All living beings are made of the same stuff of vibrating energy and we are all connected.  Thus, judgement is a perception from an individual that they are different from the whole. This is a context of the world that one is isolated and not connected, as if in a bubble in the universe always looking out with no relationship to that which is seen or that which is experienced.  If one is not connected and believes they are on a solo quest in this world then it would be natural to judge, to begin classification and exclusions of other living beings.  This is where castes are created, where classes of people are bracketed, where the mind places buckets of people into categories to label based on a myriad of superficial values.  As human beings we label, we judge and we go through history without challenging these perceptions.

This is how wars are started.  This is how genocide takes place.  This is how we alienate vast numbers of people, animals and the environment.  The concept that one is above another being is the ultimate EGO trip. The concept that one being deserves or has the right over another being based on skin color, or religion, or social status is a complete dissection of the truth manufactured by the mind to justify and reason.  The ultimate truth is that we are all connected and we are love.

I am transfixed by this way of being.  This reality is very much alive today.  You hear it in small statements such as ‘I don’t associate with those people.’  I used to work with a guy who declined to go to a BBQ because he found out his gardeners were going to be there.  “I am not going to eat with my gardeners.”  I thought he was kidding.  These small positions lead to big positions such genocide, such as castes, such as war.

These positions are learned.  They are fueled by the mind and by words to ignite and inflame.  I know this because I have two girls.  They come home and they talk about kids by their name and by their character.  They do not see through skin color, or parents social status.  This behavior is passed onto them.  At the root of a child is love and purity.  We could all learn something from this.

Judgement serves no purpose in our lives.  It blocks us from truth, from love.  The Dalai Lama said love is the absence of judgement.  We are no different from any other human being.  We are all filled with hope, with love and wanting to make a difference on this planet.  Everything else is driven by fear and we use thoughts, words and action to diminish that which we think opposes us.  Judgement serves no purpose.

Be Love.

Call to Action:

        • Listen to your thoughts, to your words.  Find where you are labeling and judging and ask yourself Who am I to judge?
        • Be with people.  Be with animals.  Be with the environment.  Really be with them.  Remove any barriers, be in their world and be love.

Thomas D. Craig

Author A Cup of Buddha

Writer. Seeker. Adventurer. Warrior