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Whatever joy there is in this world

All comes from desiring others to be happy,

And whatever suffering there is in this world

All comes from desiring myself to be happy.


One of the AHA moments in my life came to me when I truly GOT that life is not about me.  As much as I still try to make it so, LIFE truly is not about me.  As soon as we turn our attention inward we are now fully in an ego state and all of our context for the world is seen from the context of how does life benefit ME.  When your view of life comes from this context then you no longer are related to other living beings. Your thoughts, your actions, your way of being is singing What about ME.

We wander through life in our heads constantly trying to fill this endless cup of EGO that is shouting I NEED MORE. It is impossible to find happiness in this solo quest. This quest is filled with loneliness, frustration, jealousy, anger, and greed.

Another approach is to let go completely. Let go of any thoughts, perceived needs, or wants from your end and truly get related to LIFE. Get related to other living beings on this planet. Get over there in their world and find out what would make a difference at this precise moment for them.  All we have in life are these moments.

We are defined by such grace.  Albert Einstein summed this up in his thoughts:

The value of man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.

One of the secrets to life is to understand when you want to receive you must give.  This rule is universal.  If you want to be heard you must first listen.  If you want love you must give love.  If you want happiness, trust, compassion…..then you must first give.  The core to this secret is that when you let go….you truly let go and put yourself in the world of another then when another gives to you it comes to you so unexpectedly that you are filled with pure gratitude.

Shantideva speaks the truth.  Letting go of all concern for your own happiness and putting your energy in making another happy is the key to happiness.

Call to Action:

        • Let go of your EGO filter and see the world through everyone else.
        • Continuously ask the question throughout the day, What would make a difference for that living being right now in this moment?
        • GIVE…..In particular, if you want to experience something give it.  Give LOVE…BE LOVE.

Thomas D. Craig

Author A Cup of Buddha