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Ancient Buddhist wisdom states one seeking enlightment must pursue it like someone with their hair on fire would seek water.

This concept applies to everything in life.  Taking a passive approach to life is akin to lightly striking a bell, in return one will get a faint response.  When we are ALL IN on life we strike the bell with force, with passion, with inspiration and commitment.  In return our world is filled with melodic vibrations.  We stand tall with intent and purpose our being sings the harmony of the universe.

To often in life we give faint effort.  We do this with relationships, with jobs, with LIFE.  Our life becomes routine and a series of non action.  We live life through another, through their stories, through movies, through TV.  Day after day slips by and we wonder what has happened to our existence, our purpose.  And then one day we die, some sooner that others.

Our life needs a shake up, a new context for us to view and create.  In this new context there is only one way to live – ALL IN.  Picture yourself at the finals of the world championships of poker.  You are sitting with millions of dollars in front of you, the cards are dealt and this is your life.  Since this is the only life we have in this body there is only one play….push in all of your chips.  This is Cortes burning his ships upon arrival in the new world.  This is jumping into the pool from the high dive.  This is FULL COMMITMENT.

Life is too short and fragile to play tentative, to play small.  The world is in need of your passion and stand.  It is time to play full out in everything you do in life.  Find your purpose, your passion and ring the bell.  Ring the bell in all of your relationships and give your full commitment to life.

Call to Action:

  • Where in your life are you NOT ALL IN?  Make a list of these areas and an action play with timeframe on when you will play ALL OUT everywhere in your life.
  • Write down what you STAND FOR on this planet.  Find it, breathe it, live it.  If you were to die tomorrow you would know that this body, this life was not in vain as you stood for this purpose through all obstacles.  You stood ALL IN on life.

Be well….Be Love…

Thomas D. Craig

Author A Cup of Buddha