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““Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”    ―   Rumi

Where in your life are you not fully expressed in love?  Where in your life are you not free, and fully expressed in any area of your life?  Where are you reasonable and safe?

Our spirit is wrapped in layers of constricted barriers, chains that weigh heavy on our spirit.  They contain us.  They make us reasonable.  They make us play small and afraid.  We are afraid to get hurt, afraid of what people think.  We are afraid to express ourselves in that we might look stupid.  We are afraid to show or communicate love.  We talk superficialities and false niceties around topics like the weather and sports and we let subtleness and reasonableness run our world.

Like the great poet Rumi stated, it is not LOVE that we seek but removing all of the barriers within ourselves that stop us from love.  Each of us are a vessel of love, a light that shines bright and deep, filled with purpose and compassion.  Yet we are covered in a film that extinguishes our fire, our light and blocks our true being from connecting, from sparkling in this world.

Buddha stated that ‘you, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.’

To get love we must give love.  We must let go of all the fears and barries within and let go.  To love we must let go.

We must love with all of our heart, free, and without limitation.  We cannot love one and not another.  We cannot love one type of being and not love another.  To love we must remove ALL barriers and love freely.  It is here when we love freely and without limitation that we will find love.  Not the puppy in the window, or first month of a relationship love, but deep, compassionate love that extends beyond this physical plane….a love that is unconditional.

Call to Action:

  • Make a list of all of the people you are not fully expressed.  Write down who these people are to you and what your commitment is to the relationship.
  • Write down what it would look like for you to be fully expressed in LOVE.  Write down what you would be doing, what you would have in your life, and the way you would be being if you were fully expressed in love.
  • Write down the actions you would take with your list of people to fully express love with them.
  • BE LOVE….Be love to your list of people, Be love to strangers, Be LOVE.  IT is a way of being.  Once you remove these barriers and let it go then love moves from a word to a way of being.


Thomas D. Craig


Author of A Cup of Buddha