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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Lao Tzu

Day 1 of Zen Revolution.  As I take this first step, I am clear about my intent of this journey.  My intent is to spread a message of unconditional love to this planet.  At the root of a human being, at the depth of our being is LOVE….UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  Every single one of us is a divine creature filled with love.  The journey is removing any and all barriers to this state of being.  The journey is not a destination it is the experience of RIGHT NOW, it is the experience of the beautiful life and moment you have in front of you at every moment of every day.  Our journey is LOVE.

Zen Revolution is a vehicle to connect to this divine being that exists inside of all of us.  It is a vehicle to love, to find these moments of truth every day, every moment.  It is a conversation to remind you of the greatness that exists inside of each of you.  It is an expression of love that is bursting in this universe.

As human beings we forget.  We wear blinders.  Our context of the world is we have to be somewhere.  We have to get things done.  We have to HAVE things.  We judge.  We attach to material things.  We wear metaphorical glasses that tint the world to one of greed, anger, hate, jealousy, lust, and vanity.  Our view of the world is absent of love, absent of the beauty that exists right in front of us.

If we remove these glasses, breathe in every moment we will see a world that is filled with love, and grace.  We will see the grace of the divine in a smile, in the eyes of an animal, in the kindness of a stranger.  We will see unconditional love everywhere.

Come….take the journey with me.  Experience life to the fullest.  Find beauty in every moment.

Call to Action:

  • Take off your filtered glasses:  Remember you are not your things.  You are not your thoughts or even your feelings.  You are a being that at the root is LOVE, is greatness, is up to big things in life.  Your purpose is to live through love and make a difference on this planet.
  • BREATHE:  Slow down….the things you think are a big deal really are not a big deal.  Take three deep breathes outside and smile.  Experience what happens next.
  • BE LOVE:  We are our thoughts our actions.  Our being follows where our thoughts and our actions are centered.  We we focus on anger, we will be angry.  If we read and center our thoughts on negativity, then we will be negative.  BE LOVE….Create thsi way of being and you will realize when you are not in this state.

Happy Journeys….Be well…Be Love

I love you.

Thomas D. Craig


Author of A Cup of Buddha:  A Blueprint to Truth